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Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy!

Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy!

The Full Plate Diet™ depends on eating nourishments our Moms said we ought to

eat—organic products, vegetables, entire grains, beans and peas, and nuts and seeds.

These sustenances top us off so we eat less calories—the way to progress.

• You’ll stay on this diet because you won’t feel deprived
• The Full Plate Diet is a much better choice than tiny portions
• Easy to stay on because you make small changes, not big ones
• OK to eat meat if you eat vegetables first
• Don’t have to count calories

• Quickly create meals to your own taste
• Shop at your regular grocery store
• Spend less on food than you do now
• Payoffs include heart health,cancer fighting, diabetes friendly and a long life
• Medical research backs The Full Plate Diet™

Get off the up-and-down diet roller coaster. Get on The Full Plate Diet™.
It’s easy to lose weight and keep it off when you understand the power of fiber.
 Change how you look. Enjoy more energy and better health.

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